Black & White film 2

St Albans 2014
Fairfield backyard 2015
Flinders Street Station 2014
Nepean Highway Bonbeach 2012
New housing estate, Doreen 2017
Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe, 2012
House by the Calder Freeway, Niddrie 2014
Luna Park 2014
Point Lonsdale 2014
Northcote street with approaching storm 2015
Preston 2016
Lakes Entrance 2016
Richmond 2012
Geelong 2016
Northcote 2012
Unoccupied shopping centre, Ringwood 2013
Southbank 2012

2 replies to “Black & White film 2

  1. Great photos David. I think you have affection for the places you capture, well Im taking that from your Northcote photos and the comments of remembering that come with them. I felt very depressed by these scenarios as a young woman, wherever they were. Europe was such a revelation, with its beautiful architecture and busy populates. Australia felt ugly and empty after that.

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