Milk Bars

This is small selection from my ongoing project to systematically document Melbourne’s disappearing Milk Bars. So far I’ve photographed in excess of 600 individual shops over more than ten years.

6 replies to “Milk Bars

  1. Hey David,
    I am looking for pictures of my family’s old milkbar at 42 Napier St, Glenbervie. It was directly opposite the railway station. The milkbar was demolished in approximately 1979.
    If you could email me it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Dear David Wadleton,

    I am completing a PhD thesis at RMIT University in the field of Practice led research and request your permission to include a photograph titled Yarraville (Photographs 1975 to now), which I found on the following link –

    Theses published at RMIT University are made available electronically for public access via the Universities open access Research Repository.

    If you are ok with this I will send you a more formal 3rd Party permission form.

    Much appreciated
    Regards Alex

      1. Hi David,
        Thats wonderful and very kind of you.
        I now need to send you a more detailed formal 3rd party request form. For privacy purposes would you be able to get back to me with an alternate email to this site or give me email? After sending it all you would need to do is agree again.
        Sorry for the bother
        Thanks Regards Alex

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