Richmond Hairdresser 1979
Richmond 1979
“Adult” shop, Melbourne 1976
Brighton Beach station carpark 1979
Clifton Hill station 1977
Prahran 1977
Collins St Melbourne 1977
Northcote 1977
Richmond 1978
Richmond 1978
Geelong 1977
Northcote 1976
Clifton Hill 1977
Fitzroy 1977
Canberra 1978
Myer lady’s lounge 1976
The Causeway Melbourne 1976
Melbourne cafe 1977
Geelong 1978
North Fitzroy 1978
Clifton Hill 1976
South Yarra 1977
Flinders Street Station 1976
Melbourne Zoo 1977
Epping line train 1977
Brighton East 1977
Preston 1977

I was given my first proper camera (a Pentax Spotmatic) in around 1974. I was immediately drawn to documenting my suburban surroundings – at first Geelong, then Melbourne from 1975.

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